Baccarat is not only popular in land-based casinos, but it has also become a high-demand game in online casinos. Players worldwide, including Thailand, have discovered the thrill of playing Baccarat from the comfort of their homes.

This popular game is all about getting as close to a hand value of nine as possible. Though the premise seems simple enough, it’s crucial to understand the value of each card in order to strategize effectively.

To start, remember that cards two through nine keep their face value, while aces are valued at one and face cards at zero.

And if the total value of your cards surpasses nine, simply take the second digit of the sum to determine your hand value. With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to take on the exciting world of online Baccarat!

Steps to Play Baccarat in Online Casinos

Playing Baccarat in online casinos is easy and convenient, even for beginners.

Once you log in to your trusted online casino, you’ll see a table. Then, you’ll see the dealer and the betting area.

  • Select the chip value and click on the area where you want to place it. You can bet on the player’s hand, the banker’s hand, or a tie.
  • You will be dealt with two cards, and the banker as well. The objective is to get a hand value as close to nine as possible.
  • A third card may be dealt to the player’s or the banker’s hand. This usually happens when the sum of the two cards is less than five.
  • Once all the cards have been dealt, the hand closest to 9 wins. If you bet on the winning hand, you’ll receive a payout according to the odds. If there’s a tie, and you bet on a tie, you’ll receive a higher payout than if you bet on either the player’s or banker’s hand.


Card Values

It’s important to be familiar with card values. Cards two through nine retain their face value, while aces are valued at one and face cards at zero. If the total value of the cards exceeds nine, the second digit of the sum is the hand value.

Strategies to Remember

When playing Baccarat, it’s important to implement whatever strategy you can use. Here are some strategies that can come in handy:

  • Remember The banker will always stand on a 7
  • Set a betting limit
  • Betting on the banker typically has better odds
  • Betting on ties has a higher payout, but it is risky since this is unlikely.